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Dear Dr. Iadarola,

If this is how you're treating a 25 year employee, then I have no choice but to withdraw future support of Cabrini College. I know it might be your policy not to discuss personnel matters, but quite honestly, unless there are incriminating photo's or a lawsuit to be settled ( which I doubt ), then this is just awful. Not for anything, but who are you gonna get that is going to push Cabrini to the next level? Pat Riley might be interested, but it is a little cold for his liking. Phil Jackson could be wooed, you know he's over that whole Kobe Bryant dog and pony show. Maybe you could even get some former NBA players with real ability and drawing power. Most of them only look for salary's in the low seven figures, but I'm sure Dr. Iadarola, that you could convince the Dixon's to pony up for one of them. I think the lesson that you're teaching people right now (disloyalty and disrespect for the past, age discrimination perhaps?) are the ones you and the trustees really want to brag about. Bully for you, but I must state again that unless John Dzik has done a very real wrong against our college that you can show to me, this action by you and AD Leslie Danehy, is B.S. , just not the educational kind of B.S.

Sean Homsher '88