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Hi Folks,

As an alumnus who loved the intimacy of a small college where professors didn't hide and the administration sought to assist, not avoid problems, I'm deeply saddened by the way the administration has treated a longtime member of the family.

I have watched the college grow and move forward, but in the back of my mind, I wondered when a situation like this would rear it's head. I suppose it was inevitable. After all, Cabrini has been growing and adding students, buildings, and wealthy benefactors at an impressive rate. Everything was growing there, but the college was still missing an important part of the puzzle to be a university. Well thank God that moment has now come. Cabrini has opened the Pandora's Box of university standard operating procedure. Once you start behaving in a dishonorable way toward a man who helped create the college's athletic program and gave it's students a reason to brag, (see 450+ wins, success etc.) then all the other stuff will follow quickly. Got a problem? Take a number. Need to see an administrator? They're not in, they ducked out a side door and the secretary will run interference till you give up and go away.

I would like to send a warning out to the professors who are still teaching there. If Coach Dzik is allowed to get whacked in such a cowardly way by this administration after 25 years, then I'd be worried about my own tenure. There are a lot of great professors with 15 or more years there (you know who you are) who ought to start updating their resume, because the hammer this administration holds over you could fall at any time. I was also lucky enough to know Sister Ursala during my time there. She WAS Cabrini and she was dedicated to teaching time honored values and basic, decent behavior that gets forgotten more and more every year. If you all sense any seismic activity there at the college, I'd place a bet that it's Sister Ursala spinning in her grave over the lesson that's now being taught to the current students about dishonor, disloyalty and disrespect.

In closing, I'll now officially end my support, both financial and otherwise, with this college. It pains me, but will recommend that students looking for the education and experience I and my sister before me had (Mary Ann Homsher '78), now look toward other alternatives. I will also be returning my Cabrini College shirts, hats, and alumni shirts. I no longer feel good wearing them.

Yours sincerely,

Sean Homsher '88