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I am a Cabrini Alum and former soccer player. I have always spoken very admirably about the students, staff, and administration of Cabrini. I brag all the time of the incredible memories and am one of the schools biggest promoters. I came to Cabrini on a soccer scholarship in the fall of 1980 which was also John's first year. Although I did not play basketball, (although Coach often asked me to), I was lucky enough to befriend some of the finest student athletes that I ever could have imagined. I was also lucky enough to stand next to a man and watch him take a very mediocre NAIA athletic program at best, and turn it into a NCAA powerhouse.

John Dzik saved lives at Cabrini. I watched him work with some struggling young athletes to keep them on the straight and narrow path through athletics and his excellent mentoring abilities. John was proud of his student athletes and they were proud to be a part of "his program". John believed in his kids. And because of John, countless student athletes became respected pillars of the community and give that passion back through their own work.

Cabrini has exploded over the years. You are kidding yourself if for an instant you feel that John Dzik has not been an integral part of that explosive growth and success. John put this school on the map. Whatever the issues are, you need to resolve them, and you need to resolve them quickly enough so that no further damage is done.

Fix the problem and put John back on the court where he belongs. Also copied on this email is Philadelphia Inquirer local sports writer, Ira Josephs. My media contacts are deep. Ira is the beginning. Let's not make a huge spectacle of this. There is still time for this institution to save face and keep the support of the Alumni. But that time is fading.

Thanks for your time.

Steve Brown

Class of 1984

National News & Features Editor