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Dear Ms. Moll,

I am compelled to write you regarding the situation with John Dzik that was documented on Wednesday, January 12, 2005 in The Philadelphia Daily News. Quite frankly, I was shocked by the said situation.

My interaction with John Dzik began when I was employed in the Cabrini College Admissions Office in 1996 and continued until I left the college to pursue outside career interests in 2001. As the Associate Director of Admissions, I had many dealings with John regarding the obvious interaction that exists between admissions and athletics. My professional dealings with John were during his tenure as the College's Athletic Director as well as the Head Basketball Coach. I can say without reserve that John was always professional, always courteous and always had the best interest of the College in the forefront of his mind. He was a complete pleasure to work with and it is disheartening that future students, staff, faculty, parents and administrators alike will not experience his strong personality and his dedication to Cabrini College. Truly, I can think of no other single individual that I worked with at Cabrini that exemplified the core values of that institution more than John Dzik.

It is throughly disappointing and saddening that John Dzik's contract, after 25 stellar years of dedication and support to Cabrini College, is not being renewed. Simply put, John is a man of vision and integrity. His demeanor is professional to the core and his athletic record and ability to motivate his team members is amongst the unparalled. I do believe that Cabrini is making a grave judgment error in not rehiring this fine man. It may be apparent in other veins as well: John's influence amongst the current student and alumnae population is one that has left a tremendous impact. His not being rehired will be of detriment to the College's recruitment efforts in addition to institutional advancement efforts as well.

Nonetheless, one thing is apparent: what is Cabrini's blunder will be another institution's fine fortune. I wish John well as I know that if he is to leave Cabrini he will have happiness and success elsewhere.


Suzanne McCarthy

(former) Associate Director of Admissions, Cabrini College

cc: Dr. Antoinette Iadarola, President, Cabrini College Board of Trustees, Cabrini College