John Dzik

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As a member of Coach Dzik's first teams at Cabrini College, it hurts me so much to see a living legend treated like discarded trash. I was raised as a Catholic my whole life and attended Catholic Schools at all Levels of my education. To see Cabrini College treat a man of such character the way they are, is very disturbing to what I was taught in these schools. I am presently The Head Girls Basketball Coach at Haddonfield High School, in Haddonfield New Jersey. Last year my team won the New Jersey Group 2 State Title. My coaching and all principles on life were taught to me by John Dzik. He took a chance on me as a player, and as a result I had a good career at Cabrini and have been equally successful as a Coach. I also served as The Head Women's Basketball Coach at Cabrini. My loyalties to Cabrini were always strong because John Dzik was still coaching. Now, I am turning my back on Cabrini and am severing all ties. I enjoyed my time at Cabrini and am still very friendly with people I played with or meet at the school. Dan Welde, who was my back-court mate on the early teams was my J.V. Coach at Haddonfield, and also a former Head Women's Basketball Coach at Cabrini, is a great friend and feels as I do about John Dzik. This is a crime what this school is doing. This man helped get many a person through that school. The after effect of this will be long felt for who ever takes over this program.

Terry Mancini

Class of 1983