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Dear President Iadarola,

I am a 2000 Cabrini College graduate and was a member of the Menís Varsity Basketball team all four years at Cabrini. I was on the Deanís List for most of my semesters and finished with a cumulative 3.7 GPA, which I am very proud of especially dedicating so much of my time to the basketball team and Coach Dzik. I was a Bill Bradley Academic All-American and currently rank 3rd on Cabriniís all-time Menís Basketball scoring list.

I am currently a First Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps stationed at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. I am proud to serve my country, my God, my family, and the United States Marine Corps. The Marine Corps has many core values, yet the most important are Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These values define the Marine Corps and the Marines that so proudly serve throughout the world. I love the Marine Corps and what we stand for, how we take pride in everything we do, especially how we represent not just ourselves but the whole Marine Corps. I personally have traveled the world as a Marine have lead hundreds of Marines in peacetime and war and learned a lot of lessons on how to do this from Coach Dzik. I called Coach Dzik and reached him and the coaching staff the day before I left for Kuwait and ultimately Iraq just to let him know that because of him and some of his lessons that I was going to do my best and take care of my Marines. What else could I do? He and the coaching staff gave me a few words of wisdom, but mainly to just do what is right, thank God for all my blessings and be the good leader that he had helped me to become. He is a man that I would do anything for at anytime and any place and I am truly proud of my coach, my mentor, and definitely my friend. I know there are thousands of people who feel that same sentiment about such a great man.

I believe that your policies and the firing of Coach John Dzik go directly against all morals and core values that Cabrini is supposed to represent. Coach Dzik is a man who has done everything to not represent himself, but represent Cabrini College and his name has been synonymous with Cabrini. Coach Dzik never looked for fame or to have his name in the papers or in the headlines it was all about making Cabrini College stronger and getting Cabrini College in the headlines so the school could continue to flourish. I think Coach Dzik is the one of the main reasons for Cabrini Collegeís success of going from a small practically unknown college to a popular, academically and athletically strong college. Your firing of Coach Dzik has definitely hurt the collegeís chances of progressing to this level I speak about. You will lose alumni support especially dollars, which I believe is number one on your list of goals. This is why I figured you would never fire Coach Dzik, even if you personally do not like the man, since he can keep the dollars coming into the college and can get the alumni support the college will always so desperately need. I do not think you or Cabrini stand for any of the core values I mentioned above since there was no honor, courage, or commitment on Cabrini Collegeís part in the firing of a man who showed the college all three.

Finally, I am truly disappointed in the firing of Coach Dzik and will not be associated with the Menís Basketball team or the college if he is fired at the end of the season. I will not donate to the college and will not recommend the college to anyone. I feel the school and athletic program will go in a bad direction and will not want to be associated with a school that will fire a man who has given everything to the college. You sure can say that that you have built a lot of nice buildings on campus, but you have now done it at the expense of tearing down the keystone to each and every one of those buildings, John Dzik. Please remember that without the keystone the buildings will fall.

Timothy D. Anderlonis