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February 11, 2005

Dear Dr. Iadarola,

I am writing this letter in response to the firing of Head Basketball Coach John Dzik. When I first heard the news I was upset and completely surprised. It is now almost two months later and I still do not understand your decision, nor do I think I ever will.

Coach Dzik has given himself to Cabrini College for 25 years and is now getting cut loose like a fray on a pair of jeans. Coach Dzik has built the basketball program into national recognition, and was on the same path with the rest of the athletic department until he stepped down. You can ask anyone that has ever played sports at Cabrini and they will tell you Coach Dzik had a positive influence on them. During my years at Cabrini he even coached the womenís Field Hockey team while Coach Neary was sick with Cancer. He sacrificed his time to provide a leader for those young women in a championship game, and it is sad that I say, you President Iadarola, are not providing the leadership in a similar situation. The College preaches tradition, leadership, and family atmosphere. Well, why then would you let go of the biggest piece of tradition, leadership, and family you have at the college. Would you cut off all contact with your favorite grandfather or grandmother? That is what you are doing to Cabrini College and Coach Dzik

I played basketball at Cabrini for 3 years from 1999-2002. And I saw you at exactly one game, which you didnít even stay the whole time for. You werenít at any of the championship or NCAA games that I played in; another example of poor, poor leadership on your part. Coach Dzik took me in, like every other student athlete, as one of his own. In my three years I learned a lot in school, on the basketball court, and in life. And the biggest influence in my years at Cabrini was not a professor, my advisor, or yourself, it was Coach Dzik. And I think everyone else who had contact with Coach Dzik could say the same thing. I come from a family of separated parents and Coach Dzik and the rest of the basketball staff were like fathers to me. They guided me on and off the court to become the best person I truly can be. It was not until I graduated that I realized how much influence these men had on my life. And it is sad that they will not be around in that capacity anymore. I still attend 8-10 games a year to support Coach Dzik and the basketball team, not to support the College. The college offered me a chance to get an education, while fulfilling a dream of playing college basketball, and I thank them for that. But no longer can I support Cabrini College in any capacity, while you are still the President.

With this in mind I request that you take my name off of all mailings and solicitations immediately. Please no longer contact me, for I cannot support a College that treats one of my family members unlike on of its own.


Tim Gordon

Class of 2002