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January 15, 2005

Dr. Antoinette Iadarola

President, Cabrini College

Dear Dr. Iadarola:

We are writing this letter to you to let you know of our great disappointment in the firing of John Dzik as Men’s Basketball Coach for Cabrini College.

Our son, Timothy Anderlonis, is a 2000 graduate of Cabrini College. During Tim’s time at Cabrini he was one of the outstanding student athletes, an honor student and member of the men’s varsity basketball team from his freshman through his senior year. Tim was always a good student and athlete but during his 4 years at Cabrini, we certainly feel his life, and ours was touched deeply by Coach Dzik. Tim learned so much from Coach Dzik, leadership was among the greatest lessons.

John Dzik was not just a coach to Tim but a wonderful friend as well. A friendship developed over those 4 years that still exists today, not only for Tim but for us as well. We would never hesitate to call John if we needed anything, especially if it were related to Tim.

Tim was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant in the USMC during his junior and senior year at Cabrini. Coach Dzik was behind him all the way as he began his transition to the military life. When Tim received his orders that sent him to Iraq in January 2003, just prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom, he was stationed in San Diego. Two days before he left, he called John to talk to him to get that forever encouragement he always got from Coach Dzik. How many solders call their college basketball coach before leaving on such a frightening adventure? It only made sense to me when I heard about it. Coach Dzik contacted us many times while Tim was away to assure us that he and Sue were always mindful of Tim’s situation and offered much support to our family. And who was right there when we had Tim’s welcome home party….of course, John and Sue and the whole coaching staff.

We are sending this letter to you to let you know that we feel you have done Cabrini College a great disservice by getting rid of the man that has made Cabrini his life. Just the name John Dzik is synonymous with Cabrini…one can hardly say one without saying the other. Hundreds, maybe thousands of lives have been touched by John and you are preventing the lives of many others from being influenced by him.

We are behind Coach John Dzik, the man, the friend, wherever he goes and whatever his choices are in the future. It would certainly be in your best interest to “Bring Back John Dzik”.


Tom and Marge Anderlonis

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